You know that slick sales brochure you hand your prospects?

You have just 8 seconds to get their attention, so it better be good! That’s only about 30 to 40 words (these two short paragraphs are just 31 words … you don’t have much time!).

As recently as in 2000, the average attention span was 12 seconds. But when online and mobile use exploded, along with distractions from multiple streams of media, another one-third of our attention span was lopped off.

Consider these stats:

  • Average attention span in 2015: 8.25 seconds

  • Average attention span in 2000: 12.00 seconds

  • Average number of times per hour an office worker checks their email box: 30

  • Average length watched of a single internet video: 2.7 minutes

If you want your prospect’s attention, you’d better zero in quickly on what they want.

That’s why the second you realize your prospect has a home they need to sell before they can buy from you, hand them one of my brochures so they can quickly refocus back on the home you’re selling.