Everyone has a distinct personality. New home salespeople need to size up those personalities quickly.

There are five broadly based personality types, as reported in Psychology Today that are molded over a lifetime:

  1. Extraversion, which refers to the general degree of positivity, approach motivation, and sociability.
  2. Neuroticism, which refers to the general degree of negativity, avoidance motivation, and emotional reactivity.
  3. Agreeableness, which refers to the tendency to get along, be warm, sympathetic and understanding (the opposite of paranoid hostility).
  4. Conscientiousness, which refers to the extent of organized planning, responsibility, and achievement motivation.
  5. Openness, which refers to the desire to experience novelty, connect with new feelings, and learn new things.

Using a bit of self-analysis, which of these five types do you consider reflective of your personality? 

Every time you meet a new prospective, you should quickly assess which personality type you’re working with and tailor your style accordingly. Do this and you’ll connect faster with your prospective customer to close the sale.

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