Long-term memories can make or break your sale. That’s why you must create new emotional memories. And what better place to do that than by helping your prospect see themselves in a new home! 

Trouble is, the competition for your prospect’s attention is overwhelming. There are three factors that will be on your prospect’s mind and can distract them at any time:

  1. Technology. You don’t want your prospect to start checking Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat while you’re talking. Or be Googling you, or the next new home development’s website to see what they have to offer.
  2. Struggle. One of the greatest negative influences is the barrage of daily news. You can’t avoid the fact there will be news, but you can shift the conversation to something upbeat about the home you’re selling.
  3. Money. How to pay the bills is often on a person’s mind, and they’re thinking about that while talking to you. But you have good news: you have me on your side if a prospect needs options to sell their home.

While you can’t control all distractions, you can bring the conversation back around to the fun of owning a new home and the new memories it will create.

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