Intuition tells us that it’s tough to multitask and stay focused on one thing. If you’re a multitasker—you check your emails, texts, and oh, you’re supposed to be selling homes—you know you’re not completely present with any one thing. Rather, your focus diverts from one thing to the other resulting in missing things.

Well, guess what? The job of selling new homes requires multi-tasking multiple projects, sometimes using a smartphone, desktop (or laptop) computer, tablet, and taking/making phone calls, all at the same time. And of course, making sales presentations.

Even your prospect is probably checking his or her smartphone during your sales presentation. When that happens, how do you balance being polite with keeping them focused on your sales presentation? 

This is a concern beyond just keeping yourself and your prospects on task. Research by neuroscientists has found that people who use multiple devices simultaneously have lower gray-matter density in an area of the brain associated with cognitive and emotional control. When you’re multitasking and losing gray matter in the brain, it affects the brain’s “executive functions.” These functions include:

•    Judgment
•    Analysis
•    Organizing
•    Problem solving
•    Planning
•    Creativity

These functions, any of which you and your prospects need when making a purchase decision, are essential to your sales success.

So what do you do? 

First, be so compelling during your sales presentation so your prospect feels the need to wait before checking their smartphone. If they’re checking social media during your presentation, maybe you need to revisit your sales techniques to make sure you are compelling. 

Second, consider how you can facilitate “executive functions.” Not everyone is good at organizing, problem solving, and planning. That’s where you can remind your customer that if they have a home to sell, you have the ideal solution! Contact Dan Stafford at or 817-821-9994, or contact Nicole Sharp at 972-322-9455 or