Imagine this scenario: You’re sitting in your office with your prospective customers. You’ve got their undivided attention. Maybe they’re a bit on edge since they were happy with what they saw, but they’re about to be overwhelmed with the decision to say “yes.”

You’ve got to be careful at this stage. They’re interested and engaged, but if you don’t read the emotions right, what was once excitement can also take someone to disappointment, sadness, and even anger.

Sadness is an emotion that helps your prospect connect and empathize. When someone experiences sadness, the brain releases a stress hormone called cortisol, along with a hormone that promotes connection and empathy called oxytocin.

Anger and disgust bring out different responses, such as stubbornness.

Then there is happiness. Happiness makes a person want to share. If you want your sales message to be more deeply internalized, use these 10 emotions to put your prospect in the right frame of mind to more fully absorb what you’re saying:

  1. Amusement

  2. Interest

  3. Surprise

  4. Happiness

  5. Delight

  6. Pleasure

  7. Joy

  8. Hope

  9. Affection

  10. Excitement

Positive emotions keep your message flowing in the right direction.