Storytelling and Selling New Homes

Storytelling has been a part of human culture for a very long time. And storytelling has a place in selling new homes. read more

How the Brain Retrieves New Memories

An impressive model home and a great sales message are impressions that can be deeply stored in your prospect’s brain. When you’ve done your job, they will remember you and your new model home, you reach a level of recall. read more

How the Brain Stores New Memories

You’re in the midst of creating a new memory. Now the memory you’re creating must be stored for later retrieval. read more

How the Brain Encodes New Memories

Probably the best metaphor of how the brain stores information is to describe how a computer works. When you add a picture—let’s say a picture of your model home—to your computer, it must be uploaded, or encoded, into the system. Then it’s stored in memory (the hard drive, or the cloud). read more

Why Stories are Important

What’s one sure-fire way to engage someone and create new memory? By telling a story. read more

Gamification and #WheresAva?

Have you been following our #wheresava fun on Facebook? We’re playing a little game for fun there with our own gamification strategy. It’s been a big hit! read more

Using Memorable USPs

A strong USP boosts the brain’s ability to absorb a new memory because you’ll be seen as distinct from competitors. read more

Science of Color Preferences

Scientific evidence reveals how the brain processes color and how color impacts feelings and responses. read more

Seven “F” (for “Feeling”!) Words

These seven words, that happen to begin with the letter “F,” can open new emotional pathways for you to be invited inside the mind. read more

Put These 10 Emotions to Work for You

If you want your sales message to be more deeply internalized, use these 10 emotions to put your prospect in the right frame of mind to more fully absorb what you’re saying. read more

Brain Cocktails

With a cocktail of brain chemicals swirling around in the mind, here are a few ways you can direct emotions after you’ve got someone’s attention. read more

How to Appeal to Human Primal Instincts

How do you work around the instincts of fear and survival? Here are five hints of how you can appeal to basic human primal emotions and instincts. read more

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