How People Remember You

Though people’s brains are physically wired to respond to negativity, positivity can overcome negativity. read more

Tasty Words Persuade

Taste-related words can stimulate and be more deliciously persuasive and sumptuously effective than literal words with the same meaning. read more

Unblocking Fear

When the mind is in fear, it cannot think any longer. It’s stuck.  You can’t make up their mind. Your decision-making power is blocked. read more

The Human Radar Detector

Every human has a radar detector in the mind. It’s called the Reticular Activating System (RAS). I never knew there was such a thing! read more

8 Seconds of Attention

You have just 8 seconds to get their attention, so your pitch had better be good! read more

Why you can’t force the urge to buy

The power ... the force ... the overwhelming urge to own the new home you’re selling comes from your prospect. Not you. read more

Breaking Through to a Quantum Sales Leap

5 ideas to breakthrough. read more

Two Imperatives

To succeed in new home sales, here are two imperatives for you. read more

Creating New Emotional Memories

The competition for your prospect’s attention is overwhelming. Here are three factors that will be on your prospect’s mind and can distract them at any time. read more

What to do when your prospect gets distracted

When your customer is checking their smartphone, how do you balance being polite with keeping them focused on your sales presentation? read more

Assess these 5 Personality Types for Higher Close Rates

Every time you meet a new prospective, you should quickly assess which personality type you’re working with and tailor your style accordingly. Do this and you’ll connect faster with your prospective customer to close the sale. read more


FOMO can be a powerful tool for new home sellers. No one wants to miss out on buying a specific house. No one wants to miss out on the best deal. read more

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