How do you breakthrough and make a quantum leap in sales?

It’s not easy. But it’s possible when you break away with new messaging that moves your prospective buyer to an emotional place, closer to giving self-permission to buy.

How do you create a new message? Here are some ideas:

  1. Talk to customers you feel comfortable asking their opinions about your current message and what they suggest.

  2. If needed, recast yourself and rebrand. Be bold!

  3. Use storytelling techniques to create a new memory. Story has been effectively used in sales, speeches, sermons, and other presentations for centuries. It works and is often under-utilized.

  4. Interpret what gives your prospective customer a good feeling about owning a new home. Translate features into benefits. Use testimonials or reviews. Assure the individual through a strong satisfaction guarantee.

  5. Identify the permission that prospects must give themselves so they become buyers, and affirm it with a deeper message.

Here’s another thought: you can achieve a quantum leap in sales just by giving your customer solutions. If they have to sell a home before they can buy from you mention our Bridge Loan Program… or our Guaranteed Purchase Program where I’ll simply buy their home! Or are they stuck in a lease? Our Lease Buyout Program may be the perfect solution!!