Use our Bridge Loan option to purchase your new home, allowing you to sell your existing home for 100% of market value, plus you get the savings of our popular Reduced Fee Listing program.

A Bridge Loan* is ideal for our clients who want to purchase their new home now instead of waiting until their existing home has sold, or for those who want to avoid the cost and aggravation of moving twice.

Qualifying for a Bridge Loan may also alleviate the need for a contingency on your new home purchase agreement. Give us a call to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of a contingency.

An alternative for those who qualify, is our Home Equity Line of Credit program. This program will not impact your builder’s lender related incentives.

Upon receipt of your contact information, we’ll give you a call to further discuss these options.

* Use of our Bridge Loan program may impact the availability of your builders preferred lender incentives.

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