You’ve probably heard of FOMO: the “Fear of Missing Out.”

It’s a genuine thing that goes on inside the mind. 

FOMO can be a powerful tool for new home sellers. No one wants to miss out on buying a specific house. No one wants to miss out on the best deal. The driving emotion of the FOMO is strong, and when properly used, you can close more contracts when you leverage this basic human fear.

So how can you use it? Here are a few ideas:

  • Prospective buyers want to be the first to know of an important development, new home that comes available, or special deals. When your prospect feels they are among the first to know something, they’re eager to get back to you faster.
  • New home buyers like to have the inside scoop combined with effective storytelling. Combine the concepts of revealing your inside story with a unique selling proposition, or positioning, to create synergy.
  • When there is a limited time that a new home is available (or it’s apparent others are looking at the same home), it intensifies desire to acquire it now. 

Selling based on this intense human primal fear can drive higher close rates. There can be no question that the spell of FOMO is real and a part what’s going on inside of your customer’s minds.