Have you been following our #wheresava fun on Facebook? We’re playing a little game for fun there with our own gamification strategy. It’s been a big hit!

Here’s what we do: periodically we feature a builder’s model home on our Facebook page. We include several photos throughout the home, but in this case, our sales person, Nicole Sharp, decided for fun to put her 8-month-old daughter, Ava, in one of the photos for each builder. Then we ask people to see if they can find Ava (we use the hashtag #WheresAva). We’re hearing from all kinds of people like you as a result!

If you haven’t already, go to our Facebook page and join in the fun! Be sure to like and follow our page!

With our own little game, we can attest with our own experience on Facebook that our culture is obsessed with games and play. Millions scratch off lottery tickets or pick random numbers, and casinos are often packed.

Every year, the biggest football game of the year—the Super Bowl—is played with millions watching, and a lot of money wagered, as it becomes a national obsession for several days.

Let’s face it: We’re a culture who loves to play games and keep score.

That’s why new home salespeople can seize the gamification phenomenon to involve the buyer, as well as enable prospects to self-identify more about themselves.

For new home sellers, you can use our cultural obsession with games to increase engagement and sales.

Here are a couple of ideas for using gamification to position your product differently from your competitors:

  1. Encourage social media check-ins when someone meets with you. Teasingly offer a snack or soft drink for posting something and a lot of people will play along (and you get your name in front of their friends).

  2. Make a game out of completing surveys. For example, if you ask a multiple choice question about their favorite color, reward them with another freebie. With completed surveys, you’re building insight into your prospects.

Bottom line, use the principles of gamification to make you more memorable to your prospects … and sell more new homes!