People are in a more positive mood because of the upcoming holidays.

Though people’s brains are physically wired to respond to negativity, positivity can overcome negativity. You see how “feel good” videos go viral on social media. This is, after all, the season to be positive.

Your challenge is to lead prospective customers to a feeling of positivity, and to let the positives overcome the apprehension of second thoughts of making a major purchase like buying a new home.

If you sense fear or other negativity creeping in, you can shift the mood by giving positive affirmations.

When you make people feel good about something, they not only pay attention to your message, but also remember it. That’s how the mind works, and how people will remember you and the affirmations you gave them. For instance:

• Reinforce that your prospective customer’s thinking is on the right track.

• Talk them through a concern, perhaps by suggesting options for them to choose.

• Paint of picture of what their holiday season will look like next year in their new home.

Affirmations are important any time of the year, but in this holiday season, use the upbeat spirit of the season to help people remember you at every opportunity.