When selling a new home, ultimately you gotta talk turkey. What’s the cost? What’s my monthly mortgage going to be? And much more.

By now, if you’ve followed the neuroscience pathways I originally told you about a few weeks ago, you’ve:

  1. Pinned down the personality
  2. Stimulated emotion to get focused attention
  3. Presented your new home solution to calm the mind
  4. Created a new memory with something unique about the home
  5. Solidified the new memory with a story or testimonial

Now that you’ve established these steps, it’s time to explain the cost, or as my friend, the author of Crack the Customer Mind Code says, it’s time to “interpret what your home’s features do to improve your life, compare your home to the competition, and present the cost in such a way that it’s a no-brainer for your prospective buyer to say YES!”

If you have push-back on the price, solidify your position with testimonials, reviews, talk about potential appreciation in the future, and a guarantee of satisfaction.

Here’s the perfect way to sweeten the offer: tell your prospective buyer about our Reduced Fee Program. I slash my fee from 6% to 3% + $425, saving your buyer thousands of dollars in cash to use for upgrades, or reduce their mortgage payment to fit their budget.

If your customer needs more options, mention our Bridge Loan Program… or our Guaranteed Purchase Program where I’ll simply buy their home! Or are they stuck in a lease? Our Lease Buyout Program may be the perfect solution!!

Bottom line: Make it easy for your prospective customer to say “YES!” when buying a new home from you. When a prospective customer needs to sell a home, tell them to contact us!