These seven “F words” don’t include the one you’re thinking! But we got your attention, didn’t we?

These seven words, that happen to begin with the letter “F,” can open a new pathway for you to be invited inside your prospect’s mind.

As a new home sales person, you know there are many ways to engage someone to listen to your sales message.

But sometimes you need an emotional hook. With simplicity and emotion in mind, here are emotions—all starting with the letter “F”—that you can use to bring warmth and emotion to your sales conversation.

  1. Family. What more important value can there be than the love a person has for family. Family-centered conversation is a winner about every time it’s used, especially when you can help your prospect picture their family in their new home!

  2. Friends. Include friends in your conversation, especially when you can help your prospect imagine their friends oohing and aahing over their new home.

  3. Fun. A fun or playful spirit in your conversation can lighten the mental load. Fun invites involvement. Involvement invites response. Imagine the fun your prospect will have in their new home!

  4. Food. This tasty four-letter F-word gets your attention, doesn’t it? Now that you’ve read it, you might be salivating. Just the word “food” can trigger basic human desire to eat. That snack or dessert your prospect imagines cooking in their new kitchen tastes yummy, doesn’t it?

  5. Fashion. Deep down, you want to look good. Clothes and fashion help create a personal branding statement. Most people want to be attractive, and most people are attracted to others who look good. For the fashion lover, talk about the closets to hang those clothes!

  6. Fitness. People have good intentions about being fit and healthy, even if they don’t want to hit the gym and know they could do better. So, get attention by conveying how the prospect can convert an extra room to their in-home fitness center.

  7. Fido/Felines. When was the last time you watched a video on social media featuring a cat or dog? You can admit it. You do it. So you can hardly go wrong when you introduce a lovable or quirky pet into your conversation. And if your prospect has a pet, let them imagine it playing in their new home or backyard.

Simple emotions? Yes. Sometimes a little nudge is needed to remind you it’s the small things that warm and calm people’s feelings.