Storytelling has been a part of human culture for a very long time.

And storytelling has a place in selling new homes.

You can look back centuries to see how to use story to mesmerize and hold attention.

You want your customers to become advocates and evangelists. You want them to “like,” comment, and share your message.

And you want them to create a positive message about their experience with you so you get referrals.

How do you connect so they share the message about you with their friends? Most likely through effective storytelling. It’s less probably not your hard-hitting sales message that is going to be shared or discussed (unless they had a bad experience with you—and you don’t want that!).

Your challenge is how to engage through story.

In a couple of weeks I will dissect a proven five-step process that has been used for ancient storytellers for centuries to hold the listener until the end of a story. You can use this timeless framework for creating stories that engage and helps you to sell new homes.

But first, some “homework” if you will, to get you thinking about stories:

• As you show a new home, what stories have you used to engage your prospect? Perhaps a story about a past customer added just a splash of customization to make their home stand out will catch your prospect’s interest.

• How do you evaluate where your prospective customer is to customize a story for them? What questions do you ask (or what do they volunteer about themselves)?

• How do you find out their hot buttons and have a story ready for most instances? That starts with questions … and your need to be quick on your feet to take your prospect on a quick journey with your story.