What is the unique selling proposition you use to sell a new home?

A unique selling proposition (USP) positions your story—perhaps a testimonial from a recent buyer, or something about the home or location you offer that’s unique to you. Having a USP creates a strong, new memory. New long-term memory is essential to solidify your point. And new long-term memory can be more easily made with a USP.

Here’s the neuroscience about why having a USP is so important:

With a USP, the mind’s attention holds longer. When you effectively position how your new home’s features or location are unique and different from your competitors, you improve your chances of acceptance into your prospects deeper thinking mind. 

Your uniqueness builds long-term memory in the hippocampus region of the brain. New memory is essential for a marketer to build trust and lead up to closing a sale. 

And here’s perhaps the strongest USP you can share with some of your customers:

Tell them about our Reduced Fee Program where I’ll slash my fee from 6% to 3% + $425, saving them thousands of dollars in cash money to use for upgrades, or reduce their mortgage payment to fit their budget.

If your customer needs more options, mention our Bridge Loan Program… or our Guaranteed Purchase Program where I’ll simply buy their home! Or are they stuck in a lease? Our Lease Buyout Program may be the perfect solution!!