It may be tempting for you to think “If I can only say the right things, I can make my prospect desire to buy a new home from me!”

But that’s not really the case.

The power … the force … the overwhelming urge to own the new home you’re selling comes from your prospect. Not you.

All you can do is take the already existing hopes, dreams, desires, and fears in the heart of your prospect and focus those emotions on the home you’re selling. You can’t impose a dream or a hope on someone.

But what you can do is help your prospect work through the emotions keeping him or her awake at night. What might those be?

Safety is important to people. Reassure them about the quality of the neighborhood or low crime.

If your prospect has young children, they want to know about the schools, and yes, safety.

What else might be keeping them up? Their financial situation. Or how to sell their home before they can buy from you.

So do this:

If your prospective buyer has a home they must sell before they can buy from you mention our Bridge Loan Program… or our Guaranteed Purchase Program where I’ll simply buy their home! Or are they stuck in a lease? Our Lease Buyout Program may be the perfect solution!!